September 18, 2009

Supa Dupa

Yes, these sunglasses by Dita are Supa Dupa (and that is actually thier name)... I love Dita sunglasses in general and feel like everyone should have a pair of oversized shades to keep them looking cool. 

On another note, I am totally having bloggers guilt... I havent blogged for a week mostly because of work craziness, and other life craziness, but I definitely was sad when I logged on this morning and saw that I had not posted for a whole week!  Its not as though I havent been looking at all of the sites for the new and gorgeous items, I actually cannot go an entire day without looking at my shopping websites, but the combo of the work craziness and the lack of amazing must-have items this week has resulted in no posts until today!  Sad.

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