March 8, 2010

T minus 2.5 months...

I have now gotten to the point that when people ask me "when are you getting married?" and I respond "May 22," without fail, the asker's eyes widen and the immediately say "wow, that is coming up SOON!" or something else along those lines, but that definitely includes the word "SOON!"  As if I need to be reminded!! haha.  I am very excited about the big day, dont get me wrong, but I have so much I still need to do, between the little details (gifts for the wedding party) and the slightly larger details (furniture rentals... I REALLY want to rent items from Fete Accompli but alas, the budget is already stretched pretty much to its breaking point...), and with still needing to do real work for my real job...and anyway - this is just a long excuse for not blogging (though I am not sure if anyone really reads this blog anyway? haha oh well). 

I was prompted to write today because I had a chance run in with a jacket that stole my heart.  I was popping into Barneys Co-Op at the Grove on saturday during the 35 minutes I had between pilates and my appointment with the woman who is doing my wedding makeup to try to find something cute to wear during Mr. S's and my engagement photo shoot that was on Sunday, and, after finding two adorable skirts:

The first by Opening Ceremony:

And the second by Ever:

Then I ran into this jacket by Helmut Lang:

On me the sleeves are normal length haha... and frankly, this photo does not do it justice...I told the lovely sales person that I had an unhealthy obsession with the jacket and he said he completely understood.  Honestly, WHY does it have to cost $500!?!?! grrrr.  but, I still love it and I am just going to have to lust after it... the credit card is still frozen. arg.

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