June 17, 2010

currently in my shopping cart: plaid and pyramids

I am TRYING to be responsible and grown-up (after all, I am one of the "marrieds" now...) and NOT shop very much and save money... which is why these items are in my shopping cart on shopbop.com and are not currently being shipped to my apartment :(  Mr. S - if you are reading this, I think you should be very proud of me (despite the recent purchase that we discussed last night that was ON SALE and will be used for one of the 923487 weddings we are going to this summer!! :)  Anyway, these earrings by Carol are so cute (my friend RT has the smooth version and they are adorable) and this plaid tank by Whitley Kros is also ON SALE and is a PERFECT match for a pair of shorts or mini skirt... or even jeans and a light sweater for a summer evening bbq or something... so cute. 

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