December 20, 2010

10 flights in 10 days and 35% off at goldyn

i am not kidding, either.  it has been a crazy last couple of weeks for me at work literally 10 flights in 10 days - which obviously left me less able to do what i love doing - looking for inspiration, amazing finds, and great deals online, and then posting about them.  but now i am back in the office and it looks like i maaayyyy be able to take next week off from work entirely, which would be iinnnssaanneeee!!! 

to start off my first back-from-work-hell post, you can get 35% off everything at goldyn through 12.27.10 with STYLEFIND at checkout.  also get free 3 day shipping through 12.21.10... time to finish off your xmas shopping (or pick up one of these cute items from see by chloe for yourself ;)

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