April 20, 2011


first of all, i think its time to invest in a playsuit.  this one - by malene birger - is the epitome of adorable.  i want to be wearing it right this second with a long flowy skirt while drinking a pimm's cup on a rolling lawn somewhere waiting for a picnic to be set up.  oh, and obviously i would be wearing a wide brimmed hat too.  a girl can dream...

secondly, if you dont already count a leather harness among the accessories found in your closet, maybe you should consider this one by lanvin.  i mean, every girl needs one.

1. by malene birger
2. christian louboutin
3. 3.1 phillip lim
4. katharine hamnett
5. lanvin
6. chloe
7. j. crew
8. lanvin

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