June 6, 2011

bright hued denim: j brand and rag & bone

i admit it - i am completely obsessed and it may have gotten a little bit out of control.  i justified a khaki pair over the weekend by telling myself they are seriously appropriate work pants (though i totally admit i wear all colors of them to work anyway, even if some might consider it less than appropriate to sport bright orange pants to work...) obviously i am talking about j brand's 811s, which come in almost all the colors you can dream of and fit perfectly and are so comfortable and remind me its summer even if i am trapped inside an office building all day (and last week, all night too - think 3:30am... so painful).  moving right along, here are some of the pretty 811s:

find these ones here: red, yellow, orange, turquoise, blue, purple, pale pink, pink, light blue.

looking for green? find them at neiman's or bergdorf's:

intermix also boasts some exclusive j brands:

or try rag and bone for some other cute colored jeans... i picked up these ones in yellow:

find these ones here: light pink, turquoise, red, blue, yellow, green, light blue, white, salmon.

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