August 30, 2009

Asymmetrical Sheaths and Draping

I'm pretty sure I have always liked the asymmetrical look, in fact, I distinctly remember some one-shoulder tops I used to wear in college (though in retrospect those tops were NOT very cute...). Here are two new one-shoulder dresses, one by Black Halo and the other by Laila Azhar. I really like the shape of the white one from Black Halo, but I am really into the color of the Laila Azhar version...

20% Off and Cute Skirts from BR

Today only (August 30, 2009) Banana Republic is offering 20% off on all online purchases and free shipping on orders over $75.00 with code BRSAVE20 (I basically live for coupon codes). These two skirts from Banana are really cute; The Petal Skirt would be great for work and the Ruffle Skirt I might be able to get away with at work, but would probably be better for a work function or cocktail party...

August 28, 2009

Speaking of Loeffler

I just discovered Loeffler Randall's new website, which apparently launched on August 11 of this year... FINALLY a place where you can shop for all things Loeffler... I also discovered this dress and these skirts while I was on the new site (they haven't made it to my other staple shopping sites yet I suppose) and am in love. The white layered skirt is a little peice of perfection...

These Boots are Made for Walking

Really, they are. I am absolutely obsessed with Loeffler Randall. It started with their boots, flats and heels, and then I discovered their clothing line that is now carried by most of the big department stores and on a great number of online shopping sites. I have a version of each of these boots, I have the flat ones in black with no buckle and the heeled ones in a color called "cuoio" with the buckle. I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on both of these boots whenever I wear them - and they really are comfortable to walk in! Love.

You Wrap Me Right Round Baby Right Round...

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent has a knack for dresses, really all types of dresses, and for tops for that matter. I have a black version of this wrap dress that I love, but beware, for all of you girls who have a little more on top, these dresses really tend to show a lot. You just have to trust me on this one. I love this green color and the belt that comes with the dress is very different and cute.

August 27, 2009

Seventh Heaven

Sarah Seven, an up-and-coming designer out of Portland, Oregon, crafts dresses that are right out of a fairy-tale. I was lucky enough to attend a wedding last weekend where the bride wore an original Sarah Seven design, and it was just gorgeous and very romantic. I am currently hunting for bridesmaid dresses for my own up-coming wedding and would love to find dresses like these for the girls...

Mistaken Identity

So I just went to a work-related lunch during which a male co-worker said that the blouse I am wearing (which is gorgeous, thank you Joie) looked like the one worn by Jerry Seinfeld in the "pirate shirt" episode... Not being familiar with this episode I immediately googled it and this is the image I was presented with (below). I disagree with my co-worker's assertion and have a whole new appreciation of the average male's lack of fashion sense. Thoughts?

Bejeweled Republic

Ummm... I wish this was about half of the price. I really want it, but I am not sure I can justify it for $100.... help! Shoot... I might buy it anyway... When did Banana Republic get so crazy stylish??

August 26, 2009

Splash of Color

Ok, so I realize that I tend to go for the Greys, Blacks and Whites of the clothing world... but here I am going to mix it up a bit with a really cute dress from Black Halo, that, believe it or not, is BLUE! I can see this going to an outdoor wedding or a daytime fete... though I think it would translate well into the evening also... who doesnt like versatility?

If I Lived in NYC

Or really if I lived anywhere that got cold enough to wear heavy jackets (not LA), I would absolutely invest in one (or both?) of these gorgeous coats... the first by Helmut Lang and the second by SMYTHE.

Slash: Not a Horror Flick

I picked up (and by picked up I mean clicked "purchase") this LBD today and cannot wait until it arrives in the mail... I really love some of the things designed by Rory Beca, and this is one of them:

Two Guccis and a Camilla

The LBDs below would be pretty lonely if we didn't have strappy numbers to pair them with... Gucci has a gorgeous Fall Winter collection that includes two must-haves, and Camilla Skovgaard, shoe designer extrodinaire, has put out this new version of her signature strappy sandal:

The L.B.D. v. 4

This LBD is a bit more casual due to its material, and I think it really does need the belt (which I dont think it comes with), but the neck detail is hot and this dress by Black Halo would definitely turn a few heads...

The L.B.D. v. 3

Alice and Olivia has serious talent in the dress department. You can almost always find a dress by A&O no matter what occasion you are shopping for... If this was a little bit longer you could probably get away with wearing it to work, but as it is, all I can think of are cocktails...

The L.B.D. v. 2

And here is another new LBD from See by Chloe... perhaps a little more casual, but seriously cute.

The L.B.D. v. 1

Here is the first of a few new takes on the traditional LBD, courtesy of Catherine Malandrino... I can't help it, I love ruffles. I wore a shirt with ruffles to work the other day and it was just about the only thing that got me through it.

Everything's Coming Up Roses

And then there is this really beautiful top by Rebecca Taylor... the only thing missing is a pair of killer sunglasses:


I am currently trying to find cute dresses or outfits to wear for an engagement photo shoot... By doing lots of research (looking at one million wedding blogs) I have determined that outfits with detail or some kind of character usually turn out the best in these kinds of photos. I stumbled upon this dress by Camilla and Marc: