June 17, 2010

currently in my shopping cart: plaid and pyramids

I am TRYING to be responsible and grown-up (after all, I am one of the "marrieds" now...) and NOT shop very much and save money... which is why these items are in my shopping cart on shopbop.com and are not currently being shipped to my apartment :(  Mr. S - if you are reading this, I think you should be very proud of me (despite the recent purchase that we discussed last night that was ON SALE and will be used for one of the 923487 weddings we are going to this summer!! :)  Anyway, these earrings by Carol are so cute (my friend RT has the smooth version and they are adorable) and this plaid tank by Whitley Kros is also ON SALE and is a PERFECT match for a pair of shorts or mini skirt... or even jeans and a light sweater for a summer evening bbq or something... so cute. 

June 14, 2010

its summer, which means its time for..... ROMPERS!

My friend EB is already obsessed and completely hooked on the sassy summer get-up which is the romper, and I think she has a self-imposed ban when it comes to entering an Urban Outfitters store at this point... I totally understand the obsession and bought some cute rompers for my honeymoon before I left.  They really are awesome for the warm beach / pool days.  Here are some of my favorites:

By Tibi:

By Ever:

A La Urban Outfitters:

Hawks by Geren Ford:

Silence and Noise:

Lucca Couture:

Dolce Vita:

beads, lace and leger

what does one do when one cannot afford a beautiful dress but cannot stop thinking about it? well, that's easy, one uses her mouse to right-click, save, and download a photo of said dress to post on her blog so that she never looses track of it... such is the case with this beaded-lace cap-sleeve dress by Herve Leger... so pretty... and sooo.... expensive... haha.

love me some linen fringe

ahhhh net-a-porter... love this site.  the items featured on this site have just the right amount of variety while still showing valuable discernment on the part of the buyers.  for example, this fringe linen-blend mini skirt by Vanessa Bruno is definitely something that can be played up or down, for day or night, with heels or flats... and at the moment, can be purchased on sale for about half of its original price.  if you are looking for something in particular at any given moment, net-a-porter is definitely a good place to start.  

June 13, 2010

KNT by Kova and T

I dont know when exactly this started, but Urban Outfitters has some insanely cute items these days... they have also launched some lines by designers that I just love, like their line KNT by Kova and T.  This dress for Urban by KNT is so cute and looks perfect for summer... and its only $98!  What is not to love about that?!?

June 12, 2010

Drafty Dresses

I am really liking the open back dresses lately... the one by Pringle 1815 that I posted below (and ended up wearing during the rehearsal for my wedding... love that dress :) and this one by Thayer are both SO cute and provide a nice breeze when the temperature heats up...

June 11, 2010

the perfect casual summer t-shirt dress by A.L.C.

I have a few upcoming trips to the more middle states (Texas (yee-haw!!!!) and Indiana) where anything but a t-shirt dress would probably be too much clothing... this dress by A.L.C. is a must-have for my summer adventures...

Death by Booties

ugh... DIE! I love these... totally impractical? yes. totally necessary? yes. Report Signature gets an A+ with this new bootie.

Fab Fedoras

If you wear hats you probably know about the genius that is Eugenia Kim... These are two of my favorite EK fedoras... one of them is safely on shopbop and not in my closet and the other, well lets just say that when my friend AN sent me to Arcade boutique on Melrose to find a dress for my rehearsal dinner, I did NOT find a dress but instead walked out with a Eugenia Kim Fedora that cost pretty much what the dress should have cost.... It was one of those moments when you say to yourself "shoot. shoot shoot shoot. I know I will not stop thinking about that darn hat once I leave here and I might as well just buy it.  shoot."  And then I bonded with the really cute sales girl by introducing her to the best wedding blogs (she had just gotten engaged and didnt even know about stylemepretty yet!).

Summer Shades

So far this summer my top pics for tinting my tips are:

Essie's Haute as Hello and Essie's Vermillionaire, both from Essie's Summer Collection
Essie's Boat House
and from OPI's Hong Kong Collection, Hot & Spicy and A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find (pictured in order).  Also - here is a pic of me wearing Essie's Haute as Hello on my fingers, though I did this manicure the inexpensive way (at home), and thus the lack of perfection must be excused ;)

To my friend AG (perhaps the only one who will ever read this?), which one are you going to try first??


June 3, 2010

Marriage, honeymoon and nailpolish

Hello from Bora Bora!! I am now blogging as a married instead if an engaged and am actually on my honeymoon at the moment... Three days left til we return to reality...the perfect time to blog about nailpolish!! Essie has a few new summer colors out that are great, but the two I am obsessed with are Haute as Hello and Vermillionaire. If either of these were present in the spa at our hotel I would alreadybe testing them out, but I opted with a fun bright opi coral shade for the rest of our trip, which the spa dis have in stock (though I don't think they are used to guests choosing the more orange colors here -like in Portland according to LN - and the manicurist gave me a strange look when I picked it, though two coats unto my toes she examined it again and said "oh, it is nice" in her lovely french accent).