December 29, 2010

and the non-functional (insanely gorgeous) boots

 ok, so i have been obsessing over these for, i dont know, what seems like for-ev-er... and i found them on sale and i just knew it was meant to be.  they are perfection.  totally in love.  by giuseppe zanotti

to the mountains

packing up to head to mammoth for the rest of the year (how weird does that sound!?)... might need to stop somewhere along the way to pick up some of these sorel boots.  my sister-in-law's boyfriend bought her a pair of these for christmas and they are so cute and look very functional as well (which so rarely is the case ;)

Georgia Jagger

 images from rdujour

December 28, 2010

vintage bags and more: what i picked up at unique la apartment 3

love the items i found at unique la apartment 3 yesterday...  3 vintage bags, including a vintage givenchy that i am wearing around my apartment, a vintage belt, three bracelets and some really cute note cards.  i want to go back already!

if you wear size 10 shoes you should buy these

so i can live vicariously.  i have been obsessed with these gorgeous stiletto sandals by sergio rossi for a loooong time, and now they are on sale at the outnet for $318 {60% off}, but only in a size 10.  this has been an {almost} good lesson in "all good things go on sale."

December 27, 2010

shop crush: unique la apartment 3

interesting day today... dropped off car for service, enterprise apparently just out of rental cars, walked up street to h.d. buttercup where friend was attempting, unsuccessfully, to return just-purchased couch, and lo and behold, transported to undiscovered retail heaven, also known as unique la apartment 3.  i do not know how this has been in existence for three months and i didnt know about it til today, but thank goodness i know about it now.  tons of cute and affordable merchandise, and some gorgeous unaffordable merchandise, including vintage peices that made me swoon.  if you are in the area be sure to stop by and check this out.  i picked up a few vintage bags, a vintage belt, some cards, and some really pretty bracelets.  had a hard time leaving the store...