March 28, 2010

Wham, Bam, thank you ZAM (Zambos & Siega, that is)

So cute!! Such a great handbag and a pretty darn good price too ($130).  This bag by Zambos & Siega would be great for day or nighttime, and I think it would look especially good with a pair of chunky espadrilles, some Dita sunglasses and a mojito, or maybe a large glass of pinot grigio, or maybe a vodka soda with a splash of lemonade (which is what my pilates instructor instructed me to drink this weekend instead of anything with large amounts of sugar... good thinking Mark :)  Anyway, got a little off topic there for a minute... but in staying off topic, if you are going to palm springs for any reason you really should try staying at the Parker, I ABsolutely LOved it and wish I was still there.  Here is a photo of my vodka soda with a splash of lemonade and another of my "gams" as my friend AW put it when we were relaxing by the pool... SOO nice out that day.   Anyway, I wish I had this bag this weekend because it would have gone perefctly with my outfits and the surroundings, and, of course, the beverages :)

Twitsty Pumps

I would LOVE my bridesmaids to wear shoes like this... SO pretty and feminine and a little vintage-y... would be perfecto.  These ones by Elizabeth and James are a little pricier than what I am looking for though, dont the Olsen twins know that some of us are on a budget!?!

I am feeling very bridal

I have less than 2 months til the big day and for some reason I am SO drawn to white dresses lately... I already have THE white dress, but there are so many great ones out there that are WAY less formal and so cute.  I want something fabulous to wear when we go to the airport the day after the wedding to go on our honeymoon (tahiti... so excited; probably wont come back...).  Maybe this white dress by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent would do the trick?

White Hot

Here is a dress that the bride could wear to her own shower... or maybe for a night on the town at the bachelorette party?  I mean, Rebecca Minkoff did call this The White Hot Dress... maybe I can justify this one to wear out one night at my bachelorette party (it is coming up pretty soon here and is in cabo san lucas, mexic... SO excited for margaritas!)... so cute.

Its Wedding Season... Who DOESNT Need A Bridal Shower Dress?

Two of my mother's dearest friends hosted a bridal shower for me earlier this month, it was just lovely and I could not have asked for a more wonderful day.  One of my mom's friends hosted the event at her beautiful home outdoors on their patio with a great view.  Which got me thinking, there really are certain dresses that are just perfect for outdoor or garden bridal showers... like this yellow one by Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Its the perfect weight, length, and lets face it, that yellow is gorgeous and perfect for a bridal shower.

In The Nude

Wow this is gorgeous.  I LOVE the open back and the detail on the top... they are out of my size, which is definitely a good thing right now (boooo).  This little nude number is by Porter Gray.  Who knew nude could look so nice?

March 9, 2010

Straps... and no straps

Summer is right around the corner, and that means STRAPPY SANDALS!  YAY!  I remember the first pair of cognac leather strappy heels that my mother bought me when I was in college... they were Anne Kline and they had braided criss cross straps on the toes and then the same wrapped around my ankle... I just found them in my closet the other day and they are completely worn out... which means it must be time for a new pair, right??  Anyway, these gorgeous strappys by Sergio Rossi and Giuseppe Zanotti are some of my favorites I have seen recently...

And then of course there are some very spring time pumps that caught my eye too... also by Mr. Rossi....

March 8, 2010

T minus 2.5 months...

I have now gotten to the point that when people ask me "when are you getting married?" and I respond "May 22," without fail, the asker's eyes widen and the immediately say "wow, that is coming up SOON!" or something else along those lines, but that definitely includes the word "SOON!"  As if I need to be reminded!! haha.  I am very excited about the big day, dont get me wrong, but I have so much I still need to do, between the little details (gifts for the wedding party) and the slightly larger details (furniture rentals... I REALLY want to rent items from Fete Accompli but alas, the budget is already stretched pretty much to its breaking point...), and with still needing to do real work for my real job...and anyway - this is just a long excuse for not blogging (though I am not sure if anyone really reads this blog anyway? haha oh well). 

I was prompted to write today because I had a chance run in with a jacket that stole my heart.  I was popping into Barneys Co-Op at the Grove on saturday during the 35 minutes I had between pilates and my appointment with the woman who is doing my wedding makeup to try to find something cute to wear during Mr. S's and my engagement photo shoot that was on Sunday, and, after finding two adorable skirts:

The first by Opening Ceremony:

And the second by Ever:

Then I ran into this jacket by Helmut Lang:

On me the sleeves are normal length haha... and frankly, this photo does not do it justice...I told the lovely sales person that I had an unhealthy obsession with the jacket and he said he completely understood.  Honestly, WHY does it have to cost $500!?!?! grrrr.  but, I still love it and I am just going to have to lust after it... the credit card is still frozen. arg.