January 26, 2010

This Greatly Inhibits My Shopping Abilities

So, in the spirit of our upcoming wedding (eeek only four months away!) I decided to be honest and forthright with my fiance about my current credit card balance... BIG mistake.  HUGE.  After a lengthy game of keep-the-credit-card-away-from-Mr. S, which I clearly lost, my credit card received a very chilly prison sentence (just how long it is going to stay in the freezer I do not know...).  And unfortunately for me, this is the credit card whose multi-digit number I do not know by heart.

Loeffler's Twist on the Gladiator

These sandals by Loeffler Randall are perfect for the just-around-the-corner springtime.  I just LOVE Loeffler's little heels that they put on so many of thier shoes... just a little lift but still oh-so-feminine and pretty... I would like those in my closet now, please :-)

January 9, 2010

Must Have

Shoot.  It is clearly time for me to remove myself from the online shopping realm today... After a lot of browsing I found something that I actually think I might have to buy.  Usually I am pretty safe, I can browse online and collect all of my favorite things on this blog and then I can move on (always just a little sad that I can't buy everything I post about) and my hard earned $ stays put in the bank.  Not this time I'm afriad.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this beautiful Nanette Lapore Cutlass Ruffle Jacket will be arriving at my apartment via Fed Ex on the next business day... eeek! 

Eye Catching Camisole

Haute Hippie is into ruffles as much as I am I think... I love this Ruffled Silk Camisole, I love the color and the asymmetric and diagonal ruffles.  The only bad news is that I believe the "Haute" and not the "Hippie" dictates the prices on these lovely items...

Sex and the City Tutu Take Two

If you are like me and have seen every episode of Sex and the City 20376587623487 times, then you remember the adorable tutu-esque outfit donned by Carrie during the opening credits.  Haute Hippie's strapless ruffle dress is like a new version of this look and I love it.  I think I would shorten it just a tad if I were spinning around in it on camera for the opening credits of my tv show... sigh, a girl can only dream ;-)

January 4, 2010

Drooling Over Derek Lam

UGH.  Thank goodness the color of this gorgeous creation would look terrible on me.  Such a fun dress by Derek Lam... if it came in black I would be in SERIOUS trouble, er, rather my bank account would be in serious trouble...


If this is what it means to be I-Robot, I am in.  I can't say this is a "this would look good on anyone" frock, but it is definitely futuristic fantastic.  Again and again, Camilla and Marc are a girls best friend. 

Speaking of Rio...

This hot little top would probably only look good on my friend L... she definitely has the bod to rock this low cut, slightly revealing and very sexy tank by Leyendecker.  Too bad she wasnt able to snatch it up and take it with her to Rio for New Years.  Oh well, there is always next year I suppose...

Sans Straps...

I really love the draping and the material... the straps I could do without.  I wonder if you could have them removed from the dress without it looking like you had the straps removed from the dress...??  Anyway, this grecian number by Leyendecker is great for the springtime... and perhaps for an upcoming bridal shower??