July 14, 2010

Urban's big and slightly more expensive sister, Anthropologie (on sale!)

I put together this post for another blog, but thought I may as well put it here too... here are some cute things found in the sale pages of anthropologie.com... slightly inspired by summer, cream, and green :)

1.  Drop Me A Line Cards, Dots $9.95
2.  Bobble Buds Earrings $19.95
3.  Summer Wandering Tank $29.95
4.  Coastal Drift Necklace $29.95
5.  Astrid Chair, Naive Chocolate $999.95
6.  Neptune's Net Bracelet $19.95
7.  Garden Variety Sunglasses $9.95
8.  Social Butterfly Earrings $39.95
9.  Wind Catcher Dress $89.95
10.  Anjou Chandelier $995.00
11.  Shang Yuan Earrings $19.95
12.  Acrobatics Wedges $99.95
13.  Madras Twist Bikini $39.95/piece
14.  Paige Denim Twill Skyline Ankle Peg $99.95
15.  Tisket Tasket Soap Dish, Round $7.95
16. Pantone Triple Strand $29.95
17.  Midas Touch Tunic $39.95
18.  Hermosa Set $19.95-$29.95
19.  Windward Tumblers $29.95
20.  Space Age Bracelet $19.95
21.  Lucinda Blouse $49.95
22.  Fruit Salad Sheet Set, Limes $89.95-$99.95
23.  Violette Knob $2.95
24.  7 For All Mankind Clean Shorts $99.95
25.  Fresh Current Dress $79.95
26.  Friendly Competition Top $39.95
27.  Medan Beads Box $29.95

Love for the UO

As guest blogged on another site... these are some of my favorites from urbanoutfitters.com at the moment.  Really cute and won't break the bank (i.e. cause an overdraft in your checking account...)

1.  Kimchi Blue Pleated Short $48.00
2.  KNT by Kova & T Pleated Mary Dress $98.00
3.  Ecote Filigree Belt $20.00
4.  Kimchi Blue Shortsleeve Printed Silk Surplice Dress $78.00
5.  Kimchi Blue Croco Lady Bag with Metal Closure $58.00
6.  Vista by Ulla Johnson Colette Romper $68.00
7.  Pins and Needles Skirted Strapless Romper $48.00
8.  La Mer Animal Skin Wrap Watch $85.00
9.  Ecote Twist Sandal $24.00
10. Pins and Needles Ruffle High Collar Blouse $58.00
11. Silence & Noise Silky Ruffle Camisole $48.00
12. Silence & Noise Pleated Shorts $54.00
13. Cascade Camisole $48.00
14. Cooperative Linen Sundress $58.00
15. Deena & Ozzy Menswear Tote Bag $58.00
16. Pins and Needles Watercolor Chiffon Blouse $58.00

July 10, 2010

When I am not shopping...

I just may be enjoying an amazing dinner prepared in most part by Mr. S (who is a very good cook) and drinking a bottle of wine purchased in a little wine store in Paris a few Novembers back, carried lovingly home for Mr. S...  The martinis with blue cheese olives, steak, grilled veggie salad (onion, corn and asparagus) and pre-dinner sausage snack are all courtesy of Mr. S, but I will, however, take credit for the caprese salad (which thankfully is very hard to screw up).  Also, if you have never had Vosges "Haut-Chocolat" you are really missing out... we followed our yummy dinner with the Sugar-Free Barcelona bar that is deep milk chocolate and has hickory-smoked almonds and sea salt... honestly, it is pure insanity... and it went really well with the wine.  You can pick up the various Vosges chocolate bars at Whole Foods or visit their site www.vosgeschocolate.com for more info.  The sugar free option makes it a not-too guilty pleasure...

July 8, 2010

If you are going to drop $4K on a coat...

I suppose it would have to look something like this one by Bottega Veneta... Even though I am literally feeling allergic to dark colors like black and gray right now (literally for some reason I cant even look at my black skinny pants or my gray silk tops at the moment, much less put them on), I really love this coat and think it would be so classic it would never go out of style... preeetttyy....


I dont know how it is possible, but literally every time I get to the 8th or 9th of a new month I find myself with approximately $200.00 in my checking account that is supposed to last me until the 15th.  I mean.... how is this possible?  I recently told some of my girlfriends that I might need to try hypnotherapy to solve my little tiny itsy bitsy problem with shopping... I want to save now more than ever, especially because Mr. S and I would love to be able to buy a house at some point in the not-too-crazy-far-off-distant future, but for some reason it is virtually impossible for me to not shop at least a little!  I mean, almost everything I buy is a good deal... I utilize Gilt frequently, love the sale pages of shopbop and revolve, and always try to find a coupon code before clicking "purchase" for anything!  Alas... here I am, its the 8th of July, and I find myself with $202 in my checking account once again.  Rats.  This means that I am not going to be able to purchase these Kat boots by Loeffler Randall (which are totally summer boots and I can imagine 2934785 outfits they would go with perfectly, especially because it is FREEZING in Los Angeles in July, which makes no sense), this pleated flower dress by Halston Heritage (which would be amazing for one of the 4 weddings I will be attending in the next month since it is summery but not white, which everyone knows you are not supposed to wear to a wedding, and yet almost all the dresses that are perfect for a summer wedding seem to only be made in the color white latetly - annoying), this Marti Long Flap Wallet by See by Chloe (no discussion necessry.. so cute), this Paisley Maxi dress by Madewell (which, incidentally, would be amazing with the Loeffler boots that I also cannot purchase), this insanely pretty and elegant dress by Lela Rose (which, since it is white, would not be appropriate for a wedding, as mentioned above), or any of these scarves also by Madewell that would liven up any outfit.