April 10, 2011

my mom, the style icon

my mom blowing out her birthday candles on her 26th birthday 
april 9, 1977

in what seems like a fateful turn of events, i stumbled upon a book called 'my mom style icon' when i was at sugar paper in the brentwood country mart looking for a card for my mom for her 60th birthday.  i say fateful because i had just spent a week looking through all of my mom's old photo albums and scanning pictures of her to use for a slideshow (that ended up being a display instead...).  the book is based on piper weiss' blog, my mom, the style icon, which ties in so perfectly to my experience the last week with my mom's old photos.  in honor of my mom's 60th birthday, which we celebrated last night in san diego with her wonderful friends and family, i am putting up some of my favorite images of my mom.  happy birthday mom, i love you very much xo

and the display that was set up at my mom's birthday dinner last night... the big 6-0!

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  1. Beautiful!!! Like mother, like daughter. And a gorgeous display!